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Jean-Pierre Noury - Author photographer

Jean-Pierre Noury, from Lorient, a 55-year-old photographer and producer-director since 1996 at the Esprit Grand Ouest agency, brings vehicles from the 1970s abandoned by their owners back to life. Since 2009, he has immortalized the “Forgotten people of the road”, which he finds in Brittany and Occitanie where he has family ties, his playgrounds are the woods, private land and the funds of small garages lost in the countryside.

His first photos date from 2009 with a first exhibition in Quimper in 2015, the series has since traveled to France and Europe with a beautiful exhibition in 2017 at the Alliance Française in Hamburg and an exhibition last summer in New York . This series is also a tribute to his family of industrial parents and grandparents in the world of automobiles, more precisely in the manufacturing of spare parts for legendary models like the DS or the 2CV!

A book project is currently being considered. 

In 2024 the adventure of “the Forgotten” continues!

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