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Since 2009, to the present

The passionate eye of photographer Jean-Pierre Noury leads us to think that these cars are only asleep, waiting for a gesture to revive them!

He reveals the intimate history of his models, to the point that he could have chosen to expose them to us at the height of their glory, gleaming... but he preferred to tell us about their experiences. 

An experience calling for the memory of everyone. Whether at the wheel, in the passenger seat, or even, for the youngest, in a scene from a cult film.

So, when emotion invades us, the material becomes palpable through the clichés, the instant becomes eternity.

Emily d'Oste, author



Art prints signed, numbered

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from 2015 to 2024 

2023 New York

My House is a Flea Market Lorient, permanent exhibition

Atréa fireplace Philippe-Ploeren permanent exhibition

St Germain en Laye art market

2021 La Rotonde Gallery

Le café qui Fume, Art&Maisons Figeac, Hotel Mercure Lorient

Vintage Day, Art in business, Château Kerdurand Riantec 

2017 Hamburg

Classic Motor Show in Bremen, The second-hand tank in Vannes,

Pont Scorff arts and crafts courtyard


Galerie Angle 3 Quimper, 

DRAW ORDER: 06 08 54 86 50

Lorient / Brittany

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